Family:Herbert Wells and Amy Robbins (1)

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Marriage[1][2][3] Abt Nov 1895 Pancras Registration District, Middlesex, England
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  1. H.G. Wells, in War of the Words: Wells the family man

    Wells first married his cousin Isabel Mary Wells in 1894 but it was to come to an end only three years later. He then married one of his students, Amy Catherine Robbins (Jane), in 1895.

  2. H.G. Wells, in Illinois News Bureau: H.G. Wells' Cartoons, A Window on his Second Marriage, by Andrea Lynn
    31 May 2006.

    How does an imaginative but irascible writer – the future author of 100 books and the grandfather of science fiction – thank his literary partner and wife for her steady, selfless and sterling contributions to his career? How does he ask for forgiveness when he’s behaved badly? How does he diffuse the time bombs of marital tensions that tick endlessly between them? In the case of H.G. Wells, we now know. A new book shows and tells how the futurist-historian-novelist communicated these and a myriad of other intimate thoughts to Jane, his second wife – as stalwart a sidekick as any fiction-writer could dream up.

  3. Herbert George Wells and Amy Catherine Robbins, in England. FreeBMD Marriage Index, 1837-1983. (Free UK Genealogy)
    Pancras 1b/309, Oct-Dec 1895.