Family:Herbert Wells and Amber Reeves (1)

Facts and Events
Other[1][2] Bet 1908 and 1910 North Island, New ZealandExtra-marital affair: Cohabitation?
  1. H.G. Wells, in Lost daughter of Wells' passion
    11 August 1998.

    "Researchers have located writer H.G. Wells' illegitimate daughter, Anna-Jane Kennard, on North Island, New Zealand. Kennard's mother, Amber Reeves, had an affair with Wells in 1909 while he was married to Jane Robbins. Wells contributed to Kennard's upkeep and she still receives part of his royalties. Wells told Kennard he was her father when she was aged 20. Wells' wife knew of his extra-marital affairs, according to her grandson."

  2. Amber Reeves, in MacKenzie, Norman & Jeanne. H.G. Wells: A Biography. (New York, New York: Simon and Schuster, 1973)
    Pages 250-260, 1973.

    "Amber Reeves was now the focus for Wells's dreams and desires. Pretty and forceful, she was ready to take the place that Jane had occupied in 1893 and to joining H.G. in a rebellious escapade. She had made her mark at Cambridge as a brilliant student, and her emancipated attitude had been indulged by her parents. Wells, for the most part, saw in Amber an escape from the increasing frustrations of his life. When in the first flush of passion, Wells had talked of 'throwing everything to the winds' and marrying Amber, she had refused and preferred to become his mistress. That was how matters stood all through 1908 and the early months of 1909. They might have so continued. But in April 1909 there was a dramatic change. Amber was pregnant. The affair with Amber Reeves was over by the spring of 1910."