Family:Henry Payne and Mabel Bennett (1)

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Marriage? 16 Jun 1935


Henry Payne and Mabel Bennett: Family History

Henry Payne married Mabel Bennett, granddaughter of Adam Bennett, the enslaved overseer at Magnolia Plantation on the Ashley River in Charleston, South Carolina. S2

Henry and Mabel were married June 16, 1935.

A Henry Payne, born September 20, 1914, died September 1, 1951, is buried in the Magnolia Plantation Cemetery. Is the Henry Payne who married Mabel Bennett the Henry Payne who is buried in the Magnolia Plantation Cemetery?

We would like to learn more about Henry Payne, his life, and his family heritage. If you have information and/or documents concerning Henry Payne, please contact us! We will gratefully acknowledge your contribution.

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