Family:Harvey Nix and Allie Payne (1)

23 Jun 1922
16 Mar 1941
16 Jul 1954

Dalton, look again at your records. Allie Missouri Payne was Harvey's wife, our Granddaddy Nix's youngest brother. Harvey Andrew Nix was born April 12, 1894. He and Allie Missouri Payne,s youngest son Daniel Howard Nix lives just about 2 miles from me. I saw and talked with him about 4 weeks ago and told him about the letters we found in the show box. He wants to see them when we can get together. He said he would recognize his mother's (Allie) handwriting.

Allie Missour Payne's father was Joe Payne.

I have my new computer up and running and have not installed Family Tree Maker and updated my files yet but I do have a print out of this information in my files.

Harvey and Allies children were (I got this list from Dan Nix myself although he did not go into great detail) Maebell born 1921, Alma Jean, Bethel, Harold Ray, Martha Ann and Daniel Howard.

When you can come again I want you to bring the letters and let's get together with Dan. Hopefully if we could get him interested, he could give us a gold mine of information. Right now I don't have his birthdate but Dan is about 78. Probably about the age of Roland.

Let me know your feelings on what I have said here.


Noel Battles, "Our Revolutionary Ancestor" pg 369