Family:Gerard Spencer and Alice Whitbread (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2] 10 Nov 1600 Upper Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire, England
bet 4 May 1640 and 22 May 1640 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
bef 17 Mar 1645/46
bef 24 Mar 1609/10
bur. 24 Mar 1609/10

The Parentage of the Four New England Spencer Brothers

"The records cited … establish the parentage of the four New England brothers (William, Thomas, Michael and Gerard Spencer), and their descent from John and Anne Spencer of Edworth. Various attempts which we have seen to push the line further back either contain fatal flaws or lack any acceptable evidence to sustain them. The New England Spencers made efforts to obtain payment of the £50 apiece bequeathed to them by their uncle, Richard Spencer of London, whose chief heir and executor was their cousin, Daniel Spencer of London. On 8 (11) 1748, i.e. 8 Jan 1648/9, Garrard [Gerard] Spencer appointed Thomas Broughton of Watertown, Mass., and Samuel King of London, England, his attorneys to collect his legacy under the last will of Richard Spencer, late of London, linen draper, deceased; and the same date, "Michaell Spencer of Linne" did likewise [Aspinwall Notarial Records (1903), 182, 190]."[2]

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    Gerard Spencer..married at Upper Gravenhurst, co. Bedford, 10 Nov. 1600, Alice Whitbread or Whitbred, who belonged to a family of some prominence.