Family:George Tarr and Barbara Turner (1)

b. 25 Sept 1766 Eastern Pa
b. c1774 PA
m. 1792 PA
Facts and Events
Marriage? 1792 PA
bet 1789-1792 PA

Barbara Tarr, George Tarr’s wife, was probably his only wife, or the mother of this all his children, unless George had two wives both named Barbara. Their daughter Mary, born in Feb 1796, has a tombstone inscription in the Tarr Cemetery, Cherrytree Twp, Venango Co, PA, that stated her parents were George and Barbara Tarr.

George Tarr settled in Venango Co, PA c1800 where he allegedly owned over 1,000 acres, but his total acreage never exceeded 800 acres. In the 1800 US Federal Census for Venango Co, PA, the Tarr family was not listed. He cleared the forest and improved a farm; he built a small log cabin in which he resided for nearly 40 years and he later bought land on the roadway and erected a larger and neater home where he died. In those early settlement years things were very scarce and provisions for the family’s subsistence were difficult to find so they were compelled to take up potatoes they had planted earlier and ea them. Bears, panthers, wolves, deer, and wild turkey were plentiful.

  • Sketch of George Tarr, JH Newton, History of Venango Co, PA, 1879, p567

He resided in Sugarcreek Twp until 1841 when his residence became part of Oakland Twp. He was taxed in 1805 for property valued at $235. His tax for land from 1806 for several years after was for 400 acres. In 1807 he was taxed for land of 400 acres in Cherrytree Twp.On 2 Dec 1812 he bought 300 acres of an unseated tract in French Creek Twp (previous owner - Mr. Greenleaf). He was taxed through 1823 for 400 acres in Cherrytree Twp. In the spring of 1829 he and wife Barbara sold 163 acres to son Martin Tarr on 6 Apr 1829 and 150 acres sold to son Jacob Tarr on 23 May 1829 with Barbara signing with an X. The remaining 100 acres George willed to son George Tarr, JR.

George Tarr's will was written 24 Dec 1832 with James Kinnear & John Galbraith as witnesses. It was probated 29 Apr 1845. Executor was Samuel Bailey of Franklin. This will was found in Will Book Vol. 2 Page 631, Venango Co, PA

  • To grandson's and daughters, the lawfull children of my second son, John Tarr and Mary his wife, by names George Tarr, George Tarr, John Tarr, Isaac Tarr, Martin Tarr, Barbara, Amelia, and Jane Tarr, numbering eight, and any child that may be born, _____ gives 100 acres of land. It is bordered on the north by John Tarr and Benehoof. 390 acres. The profits of the farm were to support John and Mary Tarr and provide an education of said children as far as common English scholar. The tract was not to be sold until the youngest child came of age.
  • To Barbara Tarr, his wife, all food grown on the land, at least 2 pounds of the best tea, 12 pounds of good coffee with a reasonable proportion of sugar, honey, molasses, cheese, and one good safe riding horse, saddle & bridle, one good milch cow to be well kept, the milch to be prepared and taken care of for the use of said Barbara as occassion may require, and to have the whole and full use of the fireroom, or parlor, situated in & on the southern end of the dwelling house on said premises, a good clock to be and remain therein, with a full and complete feather bed and bedding, also wood with a stove suitable to cook placed therein as soon as convenient & keep a constant supply of dry cut wood at all times piled outside the stoop or (?) with a door cut out of said room adjoining the wood house in front next to the leading highway; also to furnish at all times sufficient dress and wearing apparel which is faithfully attended to and is to be & stand in lien of any further dower. If she wants to live with a son or daughter, she will get 100 dollars annually. George is to see to this.
  • To four grandchildren of my son Matthias, dec'd, John Tarr one dollar, Mathew Tarr one dollar, Jacob Tarr one dollar, Elizabeth Turner one dollar.
  • To four grandchildren Sally Tarr one dollar, James and George Tarr one dollar (each), and Fanny Tarr one dollar.
  • To fifth and youngest son, George Tarr to receive the 390 acre plantation on which he was living in Sugar Creek Twp.

Tarr Cemetery, Cherrytree Twp, Venango Co, PA, is located on the Roche Farm on Township Rd 595 about 1 mile from the village of Cherrytree. This farm was originally settled by George Tarr who came from Eastern PA about 1800 and was in the Tarr family for three generations and then was sold to Alpheus Kellogg.

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