Family:Fred Viet and Lucy Butt (2)

b. 18 MAR 1874 Canada
d. 29 DEC 1951
m. AFT 1895
Facts and Events
Marriage? AFT 1895
06 APR 1897
15 OCT 1963 Lucas, Ohio
18 MAY 1898
28 JUN 1898
21 JUN 1901
06 OCT 1902
23 NOV 1948

The birth dates of Lemoine and Johnson being a week apart are clearly illogical, yet a double check of the records show that the data was properly entered as it appeared on the records. The most reasonable explanation is that they were twins, but somehow one of the birthdates was mis-entered into the record.

The Van Stone family had a history of Huntington's chorea (see The Van Stone Family Curse). Lucy's mother Mary was choreic in 1893, at age 35. Mary's illness likely had an extremely negative effect on youngest daughter Caroline. This lead to family scandal as described in The Importance of Being Ernest. Lucy and son Johnson also succumbed to the family curse.

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  1.   In the matter of the estate of Ernest Butt , Late of the City of Windsor, In the County of Essex, Widower, Deceased: between Lemoyne Darlene S. (Supreme Court of Ontario, 20 April 1988).