Family:Emmanuel Reichard and Mary Ham (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2][3] 28 FEB 1875 Fountain, Indiana
Census[4] 1880 Jackson Township, Fountain, Indiana
Census[5] 1900 Mill Creek Township, Fountain, Indiana
Census[6] 1910 Union Township, Crawfordsville, Montgomery, Indiana
Census[7] 1920 Union Township, Crawfordsville, Montgomery, Indiana
Census[8] 1930 801 Russell Avenue, Crawfordsville, Montgomery, Indiana
20 OCT 1875 Indiana
ABT 1955 Indiana
26 JUL 1879
08 AUG 1881
02 OCT 1884

As a young man Emmanuel Francis came to Indiana from North Carolina. His family moved from North Carolina in the South to Indiana in the North sometime just after the Civil War ended. On 28 Feb 1875 when Emmanuel Francis was 25, he married Mary Elizabeth Hamm. Mary was 18. They were married in Fountain County. They would raise their family and spend the rest of their lives there.

Emmanuel and Mary Hamm Reichard built their home the corner of Liberty and Russell in Crawfordsville. After Emmanuel’s death Mary rented out the lower level and lived in the upstairs of the house. Son John would stay in the neighborhood, raising his family there as well.

Memories from Interview with Naomi Reichard Peebles

Reichards are from High Point, NC.

Emmanuel (Reichard) was a very quiet man. Mary Hamm was also quiet. Emmanuel built houses as a building contractor. He built 3/4 of the buildings in Kingman. Emmanuel built his own house. Jack worked for him as a hod-carrier as a kid.

Marion Alva was uncle "Alvy". He was a mail carrier. He was in his 80s when he died. He was still alive when John Bert died. Aunt (Sarah) Agnes didn't have any children of her own. She raised her husbands children. Ernest Miles and Buelah Reichard also had a son named Charles.

Image Gallery
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