Family:Cyprien Duon and Marguerite Landry (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2] 15 Jan 1758 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
13 Oct 1781 Bangor, France
11 Apr 1766
12 Jun 1771 Bangor, France
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    Cyprien, born in April 1730, married Marguerite, daughter of René Landry, at Liverpool, England, in January 1758 during Le Grand Dérangement.

    In the fall of 1755, The British transported the Acadians at Minas to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New England. Jean-Baptiste Duon, fils's widow and children, and brothers Pierre and Cyprien and their families ended up on ships to Virginia. The Duons from Minas who went to Virginia endured a fate worse than most of their fellow refugees.

    In May, the first shipment of Acadians left for England, and in two weeks all of them had gone--299 to Bristol, 250 to Falmouth, 340 to Portsmouth and Southampton, 336 to Liverpool--1,225 of the original 1,500. The Duons ended up in Liverpool. In May 1763, after prolonged negotiations between the French and British governments, the Acadians in England were repatriated to France. Cyprien, nephew Honoré le jeune, and the other Duons at Liverpool landed at Morlaix, in Brittany. Cyprien, nephew Honoré le jeune, and the other Duons remained in the mother country. They did not remain at Morlaix, however. In 1765, they joined other Acadians on Belle-Île-en-Mer, off the southern coast of Brittany, where they helped create an agricultural settlement on the rocky island.

    Cyprien and wife Marguerite Landry had at least three more children at Bangor--Joseph born in April 1766, Jean-Pierre in March 1769, and Marie-Élisabeth in June 1771. Cyprien's daughter Marie died at Bangor, age 20, in October 1781. Cyprien died near Bangor in 1798; he was 58 years old.