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Marriage[1] 8 Oct 1826 Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Virginia, United Statesby Rev. Benjamin Holt Rice

Here is a map of Holt and Taylor family homes and offices in Brooklyn and New York:

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  1. ancestral file, AFN:R3CS-1L.

    see pedigree chart (needs primary sources)

  2.   Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States. Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States), p. 2, 14 Apr 1869.

    under CITY ITEMS: "TROTTER STREET.--A meeting of the property owners on Trotter street was eld last evening at the house of Mr. J. T. Barnard, corner of Gates avenue and Trotter street, to consider the propriety of changing the name of the street. Mr. Charles Holt was appointed Chairman, and Mr. W. Harlan Gage Secretary. The meeting was largely attended, and a petition to the Common Council was signed by all present, asking that the name of the street be changed to Cambridge Place."

  3.   Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States. Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States), p. 3, 10 Oct 1876.

    The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holt, who were married at Petersburg, Va., on October 8, 1826, by Rev. Benjamin Holt Rice, was celebrated last evening at Mr. Holt's residence, No. 93 Cambridge place. Mr. Holt's age is seventy-one and Mrs. Holt, whose maiden name was Jane Pearce is sixty-nine. Nearly all Mr. Holt's children and grandchildren were present, namely: Charles J. Holt, Wm. H. Holt, Mr. F. B. Taylor, Mrs. F. B. Taylor, Clement French Taylor, Charles Taylor, Frank Taylor, Mr. E. Pearce Taylor and daughter, the last of whom makes the fourth generation of Mr. Holt's descendants. Dr. Scudder was present early in the evening. Numerous presents were received by the venerable couple, among which were a solid gold headed cane presented to Mr. Holt by Mr. S. H. Bacon, a pair of solid gold sleeve buttons from Mrs. Bacon, and numerous presents for each from David M. Stone and others. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. J. Kemp, Mrs. Lucy Bacon, Stephen H. Bacon, Mrs. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Holt, Mrs. H. G. Holt and daughter Charlotte, Mrs. M.L. Snow, Mrs. A. Perris, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Torrey, Mr. and Mrs. C. Jardi, Mr. Wm. P. Desseway, Andrew Ross and numerous others. Mr. Holt has lived in Brooklyn for thirty-five years, is an esteemed resident, and was at one time President of the Choral Union.
    (Who are Mr. F.B. Taylor and Mrs. F.B. Taylor? We should have Mrs. E.P. Taylor, daughter of the said Charles Holt, widow of the late Edward Payson Taylor, and mother of Clement, Charles, Frank, and E. Pearce Taylor.)

  4.   Brooklyn Standard Union (historic newspaper), 10 Oct 1876.

    The golden wedding anniversary of the venerable MR. CHARLES HOLT nad his good wife was pleasantly commemorated at their residence, No. 93 Cambridge Place, last evening. The festivities were in the form of a home-like reception and a cordial welcome of the many friends who called to pay their respects to the well-known and respected couple. There wa a variety of appropriate presents brought and sent by friends, and a profusion of elegant floral tributes. The evening was passed in familiar conversation, a recital of old memories, and other agreeable ways, and a bountiful collation was served. MR. HOLT has been a prominent resident of this city for the past thirty-five years. He was born at Hudson, NY, seventy-one years ago, and his wife who came to this country in infancy was born in Truro, England, sixty-eight years ago. MR. HOLT came to this city in 1841 and for many years he kept a favorite music store in Fulton St., NY. Subsequently, he established himself in business as a Custom House broker, which business he still carries on with his eldest son, MR. CHARLES J. HOLT, who was for several years the popular Color Sergeant of the Thirteenth Regiment. He was the leading tenor of the old New York Sacred Music Society, and for many years President of the Brooklyn Choral Union. He was also an active member of the Handel and Haydn Society, at one of whose sociables two years ago he was stricken with paralysis brought on by over-exertion at that time, and from which he was not fully recovered. He was also an honorary member of the Old Excelsior Base Ball Club. MR. HOLT was always been an active Republican, and he was accustomed to work at the polls every election day, until he was stricken by disease. He has been many times a supervisor of election and he was for several years Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue for the 7th Ward. He has had six children of whom three still survive. He lost two sons by the war, one having been killed on picket at Suffolk, VA, and another having died from camp fever, contracted in the Chickahominy swamps. For fifteen years MR. HOLT has been an active member of DR. SCUDDER'S church in which he has held various offices and his pastor and congregation were among the foremost last evening to wish him and his wife a hearty "God-speed.!"Despatches and letters were coming in all day from LUTHER B. WYMAN, ESQ.; MRS. ELIZA BAKER; REV. J. CLEMENT FRENCH; MISS MARY A. TAYLOR; G. K. SISTARE, ESQ.;DAVID BRUCE ESQ., an old schoolmate; A. G. MCILVAINE, PETERSBURG, VA., ;H. CHADWICK, ESQ.; MRS. CYNTHIA DENNIE, CONCORD; MR. AND MRS. S. C. DENNIS AND MR. AND MRS. WM. DENNIS AND MRS. FANNIE C. DENNIS, Providence, R. I.; JAMES PEARCE, ESQ., RICHMOND, VA, brother of MRS. HOLT; MRS. OPHELIA G. RILEY, and others. There was also a despatch from the only remaining person of eight who "stood uip" with MRS. HOLT at the marriage in 1826--MRS. MYRA B. WILLIAMS, nee THAYER, of Wisconsin, saying, "I stand with you as of old." I am not related and have no other info.
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