Family:Andrew Cowan and Unknown Unknown (1)

est 1765
WFT Est 1768-1778 Jefferson County, Tennessee
abt. 1769
abt. 1779


The following list of children are taken from

Ancestry World Trees. Jeri Garner Family History Collection

That tree notes with regard to son Andrew

"Andrew Cowan Jr. was not named on the list of heirs on Court Minutes, Book 4, Page 212. "

This implies that a full will exists; that will needs to be recovered in order to substantiate the child list.

1. John, m. Leah Lewis, d. aft 4 Mar 1830
2. Robert, m. Jean McSpadden, d. aft 19 Oct 1808
3. Samuel, m. Mrs.Mary (Polly) Walker Rogers 5 Nov 1804,. 1 Apr 1775, d. 27 July 1832
4. Ann m. James Roddy (There are two in the area at that time), d. aft 19 Oct 1808
5. Jane, m. 7 August 1798 to Samuel Roan, d. aft 19 Oct 1808
6. Sally, m. William Hughes, d. aft 19 Dec 1808
7. Martha, m. 9 Feb 1797 Joseph Dixon, d. aft 19 Oct 1808
8. Mary, m. Hugh Dixon, d. aft 19 Oct 1808
9. James, m. 6 May 1796 Betsy Doherty, d. aft 19 Oct 1808
10. Andrew, m. 22 July 1800 Mary Reneau, Cowan Marriage Records Jefferson County, TN
11. William d. aft 23 Jan 1806
12. David, d. aft 19 Oct 1808

With regard to son Andrew, we know that despite the fact that he is not apparently listed in the list of heirs, that he was a son of Andrew Sr. presumbly by his first wife, because of the notation in the estate inventory that Jane Thompson Cowan, administrix, to the effect that he had taken a horse with out leave. Implies bad relationship between Jane and Andrew, and that she was probably her stepson.

Spouse 1:Unknown. Sometimes identified as Mary Walker, daughter of John Walker III of the Wigton Walker line. There seems to be no primary documentation that gives his wife's name as "Mary"; the idea that she was "Mary", may be based on an assumption that she was the "Mary Walker" who married Andrew Cowan (4) of Southwest Virginia. That Andrew did indeed marry a "Mary Walker", but court records show that the latter couple remained in Southwest Virginia.
DOM:<1767Andrew Cowan is reputed to have had 12 children by his first wife. She died sometime prior to 1793 when he remarried. Assuming a 2 year birth interval, with the last child being born in 1792, and allowing a year after marriage for the birth of their first child, that places their marriage at no later than 1767, and probably earlier.
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes [1]
Person:John Cowan (42) Person:Leah Lewis (2)
Robert Jean McSpadden
Samuel Polly Walker Rogers

Ann Jas. Roddy--there are 2 Jas. Roddys
Jane Saml. Roan
Sally Wm. Hughes
Martha Joseph Dixon
Mary Hugh Dixon
James Betsy Doherty
Andrew Cowan Mary Reneau 1800 Cowan Marriage Records Jefferson County, TN
William Cowan
David Cowan
Spouse 2Person:Jane Thompson (38)Previously married to Person:James Walker (94), by whom she had three children. See: Afidavit of Elizabeth Thompson, 1796
POM:Jefferson County, TN
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
Joel W. Cowan 1794 Jefferson County, TN 1850 Jefferson County, TN
Matthew Cowan ABT 1796 Jefferson County, TN 1) Polly Turner, 2) Diana Burwine 1) 1820; 2)1822 Cowan Marriage Records Jefferson County, TN gives marriage to Polly Turner, but not to Diana Burwine
Thompson Cowan ABT 1798 Jefferson County Charlotte Copeland 1810? Cowan Marriage Records Jefferson County, TN gives a witness date for their marriage as 1810. Either this date is in error, or he is much older than he is older than he is thought to be.
  1. Child List based [on data developed by Cindy Stamp (See talk page).
  2. Samuel Ware was the bondsman for the marriage of Andrew Cowan and Jean Thompson, widow of James Walker. Samuel Ware/Weir married Jane's sister Mary; this couple lived in Sevier county, but we can infer that at the time of Andrews marriage, were living in Jefferson County. Need transcript of marriage record/bands/license