Electronic Sources


This is a compendium of digital sources of varying types. It is not comprehensive, and there are other sources out there as well. (Additions welcome!). Q 10:24, 12 December 2008 (EST) ________________________________________________________________

Free Library Sources.
The Million Book Project
Google BooksEasy to Use, Image and OCR versions of text
Project Gutenberg
Digital AppalachiaPhotographs, Audio Interviews, Documents, Music, focused on Appalachia
World CatalogueLibraries where a book can be found, citation maker
MOA"Making of America"; 1815-1923 period publications from Cornell University Library
Search Machines
GenealogyLocatorGenealogyLocator.com is DeepSearcher's niche Genealogy search engine containing over 200,000 free Genealogy and Family History related Internet resources and websites. These resources are all freely available and offer visitors a wealth of data and content for those seeking more information about their ancestors and family. More free genealogy resources are added to the database every month, a predefined search page is offered to help find what visitors are looking for, and all users' search results are kept in the site map for easy reference. [Descriptive Blurb from site. Fair Use.]
Subscription Services
QuestiaNo Experience
Ancestry HistoriesFocused on Genealogy, Many Volumes, but image only, no "transcription" as provided by Google Books, Million Book Project, etc.
NetLibraryNo Experience
EbaryNo Experience
America---History and LifeNo personal Experience. Available through University Libraries and some Large Libraries. Includes access to JSTOR articles.
Historical AbstractsFrom the site blurb:"Indexes the world's periodical literature in history and the related social sciences and humanities. The database corresponds to the two companion publications: Historical Abstracts: Part A, Modern History Abstracts (1450-1914) and Historical Abstracts: Part B, Twentieth Century Abstracts (1914 to the Present), produced by ABC-CLIO. Historical Abstracts covers the history of the world from 1450 to the present, excluding the U.S. and Canada, which are covered by America: History and Life, File 38."
Map Sources
National AtlasSelectable Data Display (e.g., Streams, County boundaries,etc); no Topo
David Ramsey CollectionGreat Selection of Historic Maps. A bit difficult to find things
Google MapsGood 3D Topo, Lacks USGS Detail
Trails.com (old Topozone)Great 3D Topo, Full USGS Detail, but frustrating without subscription
Acme MapperGood replacement for Topozone, but cluttered display using GoogleMap engine. "Zoom" function works erratically in my experience, but in someways better than Topozone.