Döring in Nekla-Hauland, Preußen, Germany

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Nekla-Hauland, Preußen, Germany
Year range
1600 - 1900

1793-1794 Land Records of South Prussia

Doering surname listed.

Last First Vol. Town Page County Kammer Deanary Parish Remarks
DoeringD.37Kostner Vorstadt1381LissaPosenMarch 1794
DoeringD.37Kostner Vorstadt1381LissaPosenMarch 1794
DoeringD.37Schwetzke1380LissaPosenMarch 1794
DoeringDionysius40Grosse Kling/Lissa1521PosenDecember 1793
DoeringGeorge40Grosse Kling/Lissa1521PosenDecember 1793
DoeringGottfried15Dembowiec/Eichberg565MeseritzPosenLwowek/NeustadterSierakower/CiskerSeptember 1793
Doering40Lange Neu Statte/Lissa1521Posen
DoeringsD.37Storchnester Vorstadt1424LissaPosen

Compiled and posted by R. Reuben Drefs February 2004


  1. These Land Registration records of this data base contain the head of household records which are augmented by that particular head of household's family and farm statistics. The records also list the deanary****(division of the diocese or archdiocese which contains one or more parishes within it) and parish for each town. In many cases the county is given and in most cases the Kammer (a subprovince or department) of South Prussia is listed (Posen, Kalisch, Warsaw, Plock or Petrikau). Thus one can usually determine in which area of South Prussia the town is located through the method of looking at the deanary, parish and county listed along with the town. In some cases, usually restricted to small villages, all of these categories are not provided.
  2. Beside the town location information, this data base of 1793 Land Registration Records contains only the section of "Heads of Household" names, who are identified by a surname and usually also by a given name.
  3. Thus for genealogical research the most useful information that can be gained from the 1793 land records is the name of the head of household, whether the head of household was married and the number of children. The research information gained from land record information would then need to be supported with documentation from other records such as church records which can provide more precise family name information, date of birth etc. These land records can also provide clues for the precise town in which a particular surname ancestor lived in 1793 or 1794.

Source: 1793-1794 Land Records of South Prussia