Coffman in Hardin, Kentucky, United States

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Hardin County, Kentucky, USA
Year range
abt 1803 - 1849

Abraham COFFMAN family

b. Abt 1764 in Shenanoah Co., VA; d. 8-Sep-1849 in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, KY

Wife: Margaret - b. ? d. Aft. 1849 ~ Maiden name, TRIPLETT, is in Abraham's will. It's possible that he was married before with her name also being Margaret and surname being HAUN or HOWEY?


1. Mary A (F)- b. Abt. 1797; d. Aft. 26-Aug-1849 (also known as Polly)

2. Aaron (M) - b. Abt. 1798; d. 14-Apr-1837

3. Axsa (F) - b. 6-Nov-1791 VA; d. 31-Jan-1889 Warren, IL

4. John Henry (M) - b. Bet. 28-Sep-1792 & 27-Sep-1793 d. 5-Aug-1879; buried: Witt Cemetery, Hardin Co., KY

5. Richard Harmon (M) - b. 1802 VA; d. 15-Feb-1880 Grundy Co., MO; buried: Richardson Cemetery, Laredo, Grundy Co., MO

6. Matilda (F) - b. Abt 1804 KY; d. Aft. 26-Aug-1849 (She was the first child born in Kentucky.)

7. Moses (M) - b. Bet. 1805-1810; d. Aft. 26-Aug-1849 Hardin Co., KY

8. Bethana (F) - b. Abt. 1807; d.

9. Lydia (F) - b. Abt. 1808; d. Aft. 26-Aug-1849

10. Alfred Thomas (M) - b. Abt. 1813; d. Aft. 26-Aug-1849

11. Lucrecia (F) - b. 1818, KY; d. Aft. 2-Oct-1880 in Hardin County, KY

12. Elizabeth Ann (F) - b. 1819; d. 1856, probably KY (also known as Polly)

Possibly another daughter named Martha. OR perhaps one of the above daughter's middle name was Martha. The COFFMANs, especially the men, often went by their middle names. For instance, both Richard Harmon and John Henry went by their middle names.

Interest initially is who were the parents of Abraham Coffman (records also have Cofman) and was his wife Margaret HOWEY or Margaret TRIPLETT. Documented evidence of some kind needed as there were multiple Abraham Coffman's in his age group. And his children's names are similar and duplicate each other. Strongly suspect related individuals but would like to collaborate with someone doing serious research in this family. --Idogenealogy 21:32, 13 April 2007 (MDT)