Bogdonoff in Massachusetts

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Benjamin Bogdonoff emigrated from Russia/Poland, initially to England abt. 1885, and then to Massachusetts abt 1895. His wife and first few children followed shortly; more children were born in the U.S.. They settled in Lowell, Massachusetts by 1915. The family was initially Jewish, but not all branches remained so. His address in Lowell was 42 So. Walker. His Bogdonoff children in Lowell were:

  1. Harry Aaron Bogdonoff (1890-1973); did not remain in Lowell; travelled to Australia where he met and married his wife; they returned to the U.S. and lived in both Chicago, IL, and Hartford, CT. Descendants live outside of Boston and in Chicago area.
  2. Katherine "Kitty" Bogdonoff (1892-1984) remained in Lowell all her life. She also appears to have retained the Jewish faith. She had a son while she was still young who was raised by her parents. She later married Joe Wolfe. As late as the 1940s she still lived at 42 So. Walker, Lowell, MA. She has one grandson living in Florida.
  3. Maurice Bogdonoff (1893-1921). Remained single. Was the proprietor of the family dry goods store.
  4. Jacob "Jack" Bogdonoff (1896-1975) ultimately moved to Tampa, FL where he died. Married and had at least one son (who may still be living), Wesley Bogdonoff.
  5. Philip D. Bogdonoff (1898-1954). Remained in Lowell many years before settling in Springfield, MA where he died. Married a Swedish Lutheran girl, and stopped practicing his Jewish faith, although he may have had a Jewish memorial service in Lowell or Chelmsford. Two living children; several grandchildren in New England and DC area.
  6. Max "Mack" Bogdonoff (c1901-c1920s). Died young.