1st Ohio Heavy Artillery, Company D


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Mustered in as Company D, 117th Ohio Volunteer Infantry 14 September 1862 at Camp Portsmouth, Ohio. Mustered out 25 July 1865 at Knoxville, Tennessee. Original Captain was Henry L. Barnes, who was promoted to Major on 9 April 1864. He was replaced by Benjamin F. Holman, who remained Captain until the company mustered out.


Allen, John
Arbaugh, Jonas. Died in service.
Arnold, George. Also in Company H.
Arnold, Jonas D.
Ashley, Amaziah
Ashley, John
Auckerman, William
Auld, Thomas G.. Died in service.
Bailey, Charles
Baker, Henry D.
Baker, Tipton
Baldwin, William
Barnes, Henry L., Captain. Promoted to Major.
Bennett, James C.
Bennett, Matthias
Blankenship, Charles
Blankenship, Daniel J.
Boldman, Henry
Bond, Allen C.
Bonsall, William H., 2nd Lieutenant.
Bratton, Wallace E., Sergeant Major. Also in Company M.
Brook, Daniel
Brown, Jefferson G.
Brundige, Charles
Burgin, John
Burnfield, George W.
Bussey, Valentine
Call, Robert P.
Campbell, Joseph (alias Joseph Gillespie). Also in Company H.
Carr, Leander, Corporal.
Cartwright, John
Cayton, Egbert
Chaffin, Reuben
Chamberlin, James. Also in Company H.
Clifford, Henry
Coan, Henry C.
Cole, Isaac
Colegrove, Peleg
Compliman, Benjamin, Corporal.
Compliman, William
Connell, Dennis
Conners, James
Cook, Henry -- see Henry Koch
Cook, Herman
Cook, John H.
Cooper, Andrew J., Corporal.
Copas, John
Crusoe, Frederick W.
Curran, John
Davis, David, Corporal.
Davis, John, Artificer.
Davisson/Davidson, Reuben
Devan, James
Dodge, Harris
Donaldson, Wesley O.
Drey, Charles
Edwards, David
Edwards, Thomas J.
Ellison, Andrew/Andiron
Evans, Nathaniel, Corporal.
Ewing, John M.
Faulkner, Daniel
Finney, George H., Sergeant.
Foltz, John
Gifford, David R.
Gifford, Elisha
Gifford, George W., Sergeant.
Gifford, Levi
Gifford, Samuel M., Corporal.
Gilmore, William
Graham, John
Griffin, William
Grimes, John
Groomes, Maurice, 1st Sergeant
Groomes, William
Grossman, Enos George
Haggerty, John E.
Halstead, John
Hartley, John
Hartley, Thomas
Hastings, James T.
Heaney, James
Hedges, Silas
Hietier, William
Holman, Benjamin, Captain. Also in Company F.
Hopkins, William
Hoskins, William
Howard, Eli
Humphrey, William, Wagoner.
Humphreys, Llewellyn. Died in service.
James, John
James, Thomas, 1st Lieutenant. Also in Company B.
Jenkins, Cyrus
Johnson, Eber
Johnson, James
Jones, David D.
Jones, David R.
Jones, David T., Sergeant.
Jones, John. Also in Company H.
Jones, John E.
Jones, Samuel
Kane, Zachariah
Kattenbach, Lewis, Artificer.
Kelley, Charles. Also in Company H.
Kelly, James M.
Kirkpatrick, Thomas
Kirkpatrick, William
Kittle, George
Koch, Henry (alias Henry Cook)
Lair, George
Lemon, John, Corporal.
Lively, William B.
Malone, James. Died in service.
Malone, John R.
McAbier, Frederick
McDowell, James C. Also in Company F.
McElhaney, Samuel
McFann, Andrew
McFann, James. Died in service.
McFann, John. Died in service.
McGraw, Perry
McGraw, William L.
McKnight, John, Corporal.
McMillan, Alexander F., 1st Lieutenant.
Meeker, Levi
Mick, Eldridge G., Musician.
Millhuff, Francis
Miller, Hillborn C., 1st Sergeant. Also in Company G.
Morris, Jenkin
Mountjoy, John
Mountjoy, William
Munyan, Jeremiah. Died in service.
Munyan, William
Newman, George
Osborn, Orlando S.
Palmer, James
Patrick, James
Peters, Rufus
Peterson, John G.. Died in service.
Phillips, George W.
Phillips, James
Phillips, George W., Corporal.
Piggott, Green B. Died in service.
Price, Andrew
Pyle, David, Corporal.
Pyle, Henry
Robbins, Joseph
Rockwell, William
Rogers, Nathaniel. Also 1st Sergeant, Company F.
Ross, Eli J. Died in service.
Rowlands, David
Rupert, John, Corporal.
Russell, George W.
Russell, Harrison C.
Sampsel, James
Schofield, Jackson
Selby, Lewis H.
Settoon, Frank
Shadrach, David D., Sergeant.
Shively, James A.
Shumway, John Q. Also 1st Lieutenant, Company F.
Slater, Young S.
Slattery, David A. Also Sergeant, Company F.
Slaughter, Stephen R., Sergeant.
Slocum, Samuel, Corporal.
Smith, Bonaparte
Smith, Ephraim
Smith, Francis M.
Smith, George H.
Smith, Isaiah, Corporal.
Smith, Pleasant. (Born c1842 per Roster; no other information available.)
Smith, Robert. Died in service.
Smith, Samuel
Spray, William
Stephens, Joseph H.
Stephenson, John H.
Stewart, Douglas M.
Storer, Alfred
Sullivan, Andrew
Summers, Joseph, Sergeant.
Tackett, James
Tarlton, James W., 2nd Lieutenant. Also in Company E.
Taylor, George S.
Taylor, Josephus
Thomas, William H.
Thompson, George W.
Thompson, John H.
Titus, Bennett. Also in Company F.
Toomer, Richard
Triggs, Hezekiah
Triggs, Isaac
Trumpler, Christopher. (Born c1845 per Roster; no other information available.)
Turner, David
Wallace, John W. 2nd Lieutenant. Also in Company F.
Ward, John T. (Born c1844 per Roster; no other information available.)
Washburn, Allen
White, Francis M.
Whitt, Edward
Whitt, Robert H.
Wickham, Silas
Williams, Cyrus B.
Williams, David D., Sergeant.
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas B.
Wollam, Joseph D.
Wollam, William B., Quartermaster Sergeant. Also in Company H.