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Brick Wall Goal [29 May 2013]

Copied from Brick Wall page:

She is PROBABLY the daughter of Family:George_Townsend_and_Mary_Combs_(1), but since I have become quite strict I have yet to have any solid evidence linking them to her except through the fact that George Townsend's family is the only Townsend family in the area of Schuyler County IL when Matilda married in 1833. It might seem logical to simply conclude she is their daughter but I want to have a solid link. I dug through the probate record (most of which is online)- George Townsend's estate dragged on for several years but I was not able to find a disposition of it in the probate record. George Townsend Sr's sons also died in rather rapid succession nearby making the link even more troublesome. There is also one other daughter I would link to link to the same family. This generation hold up any further Townsend/Combs research for me. I still need to look in Adams Co IL records, where Matilda lived after her marriage, though.--Jdfoote1 21:06, 28 May 2013 (EDT)