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According to Ancestry, William Mullins ( 1578 - 2/21/1621) married Alice Atwood (1/1574 - 3/15/1621}. Marriage 1595, Dorking, Surrey, England. He was born in Dorking, Surrey, and died in Plymouth. She was born in St. Martin, London, Middlesex, and died in Plymouth.

William's parents were John Mullins ( 1438 - 1572) and Joane Bridger ( 1554 - 1565 ) They were married on 7/8/1571, in Dorking, Surrey. He was born in London, and died in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, and she was born and died in Dorking, Surrey. Considering that William was born in 1578, both these death dates MUST be wrong.

Alice's parents were Nicholas Atwood ( 1539 - 5/10/1570) and Olive Harman ( 1548 - 1603 ). They were married on 1/30/1570, in St. Martin-in-the-field, London. He was born and died in Sanderstead, Surrey. She was born in Sanderstead, and died in Elstree Church, Herefordshire.

One does not need to consider William's birth date to realize that the dates given for his parents are wrong: did his father John live to be 134, and did his mother Joane get married after her death? Also, there is some certainty that Alice (---) Mullins died after 2 Apr 1621, i.e., not 3/15/1621, since John's will was sent to England on or after that date to be probated, yet the will and probate court both seemed to think she was alive.
See Source:Mayflower Descendant, p. 44:44, about Alice wife of William Mullins. It says pretty much exactly what is on the Person page, namely this is a completely unproven claim with no evidence, and adds "This identification [of Alice as daughter of Nicholas Wood/Atwood and Olive Harman] appears in the computer of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and a printout showing five more generations of Wood-Atwoods will be produced from the Mormons['] computer database if you ask for Alice's ancestry. We have not found anyone who can give us the documentation upon which this claim is made!" The probability of any older generation being correctly identified can be no stronger than the previous one, and since the identification of Alice's parents is unproven, obviously the 5 generations of ancestors beyond that is meaningless. --Jrich 14:23, 25 July 2009 (EDT)