Person:Guinidilda (1)

Facts and Events
Name[1] Guinidilda
Alt Name // Guinidilde, Countess of Flanders
Alt Name Guinidilde,
Alt Name Guinilda Barcelona
Alt Name Widnille Countess of Flanders
Alt Name Widnille of Flanders
Alt Name Winilda (Gunidilda) of Flanders
Gender Female
Birth? 865 Flanders, Belgium
Marriage 877 to Wilfred the Hairy
Death? 0906
Other[2]  Refuted parents?: Baldwin I of Flanders and Judith of Wessex (1)  
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  2. Baldwin I "Iron-arm" (Baudouin I "Bras de Fer", Balduinus Ferreorum-brachiorum), in Baldwin, Stewart, and Todd Farmerie. The Henry Project (King Henry II ): Ancestors of King Henry II.

    Baldwin gives reasons for considering her a "falsely attributed daughter" of these parents.