Person:William Seaver (98)

William Seaver
m. 8 OCT 1884
  1. Horace Seaver1887 -
  2. Ella F. Seaver1890 -
Facts and Events
Name William Seaver
Gender Male
Birth[1] 6 MAR 1861 Woburn, Middlesex County, MA (MA VR 142.227)
Marriage 8 OCT 1884 Boston, Suffolk County, MA (MA VR 354.175)to Annie L. Voll
Vital Records

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In the 1900 US census, the William Seaver family resided at 355 Ballou Ave in Boston, Suffolk County, MA. The household included William (age 39, born Mar 1861 in MA), wife Annie L. (age 35, born Mar 1864 in MA), son Horace (age 13, born Apr 1887 in MA) and daughter Ella F. (age 10, born May 1890 in MA). The complete census record can be found in volume 82, ED 1531, sheet 6, line 69 of the 1900 census for MA. [1900 census soundex for MA, S160, LDS Microfilm 1,244,863].

In the 1910 US Census, the William Seaver family resided at 10 Johnston Road in the 24th Ward of Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. The family included head William Seaver (male, white, age 51, first marriage, married 24 years, born ME, father born ME, mother born NH, a foreman, works at elevator company), wife Annie Seaver (female, white, age 46, first marriage, married 24 years, 3 children born, 2 living, born ME, parents born VT), son Horace Seaver (male, white, age 22, single, born MA, parents born ME) and daughter Ella Seaver (female, white, age 19, single, born MA, parents born ME) [NARA Microfilm Series T624, Roll 625, ED 1638, Sheet 39B, page 145, dwelling #599, family #803].

In the 1920 US Census, this family resided at 36 Adelaide Avenue in the 7th Ward of Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. The household included William Seaver (indexed as "Searcy" on HeritageQuestOnline, head, male, white, age 57, born MA, parents born MA, inspector, works for insurance company, rents home), Annie S. Seaver (wife, female, white, age 54, married, born MA, parents born MA) and Horace Seaver (son, male, white, age 32, single, born MA, parents born MA, agent, works for insurance company) [National Archives Microfilm Series T625, Roll 183, Page 91, ED 101, Sheet 14, Lines 18-20].

In the 1930 US census, William Seaver (head, male, white, age 69, married, first at age 23, born MA, parents born MA, inspector, works in life insurance, rents home for $50/month) and Annie L. Seaver (wife, female, white, age 66, married, first at age 20, born MA, parents born MA) resided at 318 Wethersfield Avenue in Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut [National Archives Microfilm Series T626, Roll 264, ED 49, Page 14B, Dwelling #127, Family #299].

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