Person:William Pollard (36)

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m. 01 Mar 1882
  1. John Levi Pollard1883 - 1963
  2. Osie Lean Pollard1884 - 1979
  3. Thomas Luallen Pollard1887 - 1937
  4. Twin Pollard1889 - 1889
  5. Bolivar Harrison Pollard1889 - 1953
  6. Maggie E Pollard1891 - 1917
  7. William Luther Pollard1894 - 1975
  8. Baxter McKinley Pollard1896 - 1910
m. ca 1917
Facts and Events
Name William Luther Pollard
Unknown Bunk Pollard
Gender Male
Birth[5] 28 Feb 1894 Prentiss, Mississippi, United States
Census[1] 1900 Prentiss, Mississippi, United States
Marriage ca 1917 Mississippi, United Statesto Vergie Powers
Death? June 1975 Jonesboro, Jackson, Louisiana, United States
  1. Prentiss, Mississippi, United States. 1900 U. S. Census Population Schedule, Roll 623_826, P 16B.

    Wiley Pollard, Lacy, Prentiss, b. July 1855, Alabama, Farmer, married 18 years
    Wiley Pollard, M. age 54; Mary Pollard, Aug 1859, age 40; John L Pollard, M b. Feb 1883, age 17; Ocy Pollard, F, b. Sept 1883, age 16 ; Thomas L Pollard, M. b. Feb 1887, age 13; Boliver H Pollard, M. b. March 1889, age 11; Maggie E Pollard, b. Nov 1891, age 8; William L Pollard, M. b Feb 1894, age 6; Baxter M Pollard; M. b Sept 1896, age 3.

  2.   Prentiss, Mississippi, United States. 1910 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Roll T624_756, Page 20A.

    Luther Pollard, b. abt 1894, Mississippi, Hired Man, Beat 1, Prentiss, Mississippi
    Luther Pollard, age 16, S, W, M, b. Mississippi, enumerated with Chrestina C. Smith age 60.

  3.   W. L. Pallard, in Alcorn, Mississippi, United States. 1920 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Roll T625_868; p 8A.

    W. L. Pollard, Beat 2, Alcorn, Mississippi, b. abt 1895, Mississippi
    W. L. Pollard, M, W, age 25, Rent, Virgie Pollard, F, W, age 20, b. Tennessee.
    Indexed on census as "Pallard"

  4.   William "Bunk" Pollard left a wife in Booneville, MS. and went to Jonesboro, LA.
    He remarried without getting a divorce. It was not known what happened to "Bunk" until
    1975 when he died. He never told his second family about himself, but when he
    died some of his children discovered papers in his possession that linked him to
    Booneville, MS. These children did some research and found he had a family in Booneville.
    Bunk Pollard's first wife was living in Booneville as of June 8, 1983.
  5. William Luther Pollard Birth