Person:William Atkinson (41)

William Atkinson
m. 21 May 1842
  1. William Atkinson1843 -
  2. John Atkinson1844 -
  3. Elizabeth Atkinson1846 - 1931
  4. Thomas G Atkinson1847 -
Facts and Events
Name William Atkinson
Gender Male
Birth? 1843 Yorkshire, England
Emigration[2] 1847 Englandto Canada West
Census[1] 14 Jan 1861 Reach, Ontario, Ontario, Canada1861 Census of Canada West
Vital Records

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  1. Canada. 1861 Census of Canada. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada), C-1058, Page 77, line 24ff, 14 Jan 1861, Secondary quality.

    District of Ontario County, Division of the Township of Reach
    Fourth Concession, lot 12
    Ambrose Atkinson, farmer, b England, 45, m
    Judith M Atkinson, b England, 39, m
    Wm Atkinson, b England, 18, s, absent
    John Atkinson, b England, 17
    Elizabeth Atkinson, b England, 16
    Thomas G Atkinson, b England, 14

    Listed, but noted as absent, in the census of 1861. No further sightings of William Atkinson.

  2. Emigrated to Canada West (Ontario) with parents circa 1847. Year given in 1901 census for sister Elizabeth.