Person:Unknown Butt (3)

m. 15 AUG 1843
  1. Butt1846 - 1846
  2. Jane Butt1847 -
  3. Charles Butt, Sr.1850 - AFT 1920
  4. George Butt1853 -
  5. Mary G. Butt1855 -
  6. Vienna Butt1858 -
  7. Jonah Butt1859 - 1888
  8. Maria Butt1861 -
  9. Mark Butt1864 - 1945
  10. Anjouletta Butt1866 -
Facts and Events
Name Butt
Gender Unknown
Birth[1][2][3] 1846 Hampton, Ontario, Canada
Death[1][2][3] 1846 Hampton, Ontario, Canada
Vital Records

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(--?--) BUTT was born in 1846 at Hampton, Ontario, Canada. He/she died in 1846 at Hampton, Ontario, Canada.

(Joseph Butt) married a girl (Ann Winn) who had no people around her and she was only 18. Her mother was hired to keep house for two old toughs who worked in the bush for the Elliott's. The mother died and Grandfather took pity on the girl and married her. Father (Elam Butt) and Uncle James never could acknowledge her and they never cared for her or any of the second family. All the others mixed up together.

There were nine who lived in the second. The first one diedS3.

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