Person:Thomas King (4)

m. 1599
  1. Thomas KingABT 1600 - 1676
  2. Peter KingAbt 1608 -
  3. Grace KingAbt 1612 -
  4. Frances KingAbt 1615 -
  • HThomas KingABT 1600 - 1676
  • WAnne CollinsAbt 1608 - 1642
m. BEF 1625
  1. Anna KingAbt 1625 - 1697/98
  2. Peter KingAbt 1628 - 1704
  3. Mary King1629/30 - 1714/15
  4. Sarah Ann King1632 - 1706
  5. Elizabeth KingAbt 1635 - 1667
  6. Martha-Mercy King1638/39 - 1668/69
  7. Thomas King1639/40 -
  8. Thomas King1642 - 1642/43
m. 26 Dec 1655
Facts and Events
Name Thomas King
Gender Male
Christening? Jul 1596 Hinton Parva, Dorset, England
Birth[1] ABT 1600 Shaston, Dorset, England
Alt Birth? ABT 1605 Tarrant Hinton, Dorset, England
Marriage BEF 1625 Englandto Anne Collins
Emigration? BEF 1642
Marriage 26 Dec 1655 Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Bridget Loker
Death? 3 May 1676 Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Alt Death? 03 MAY 1676 Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Vital Records

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May have been the Thomas King, age 21, who came on the BLESSING 17 Jun 1635, part of the Winthrop Fleet/ Great Migration, but there was another Thomas King who died much earlier: Abstracts of Earliest Wills: Thomas King of Watertown. 24: 10: 1644 [margin, 23 (2) 1645] Debts at Sudbury... Cambridge... Boston... Watertown... etc. Which Thomas King was THIS?

Life in New England

One of the petitioners who founded the town of Marlborough, MA in 1656. One of five selectman chosen (along with Edmund Rice). Alotted 39.5 acres in 1660. No further record of him til his death.


No information yet.

Additional Sources

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[following from TORREY p439: MAY BE WRONG 12/95]

SAVAGE: 'from Ipswich' CSERVE: Clunies: - is Thomas/Collins. Three King daus married Thomas Rice sons. Ann died in childbirth in 1642 with a newborn son. Thomas m2 1655 Bridgett ____, widow of Robt DAVIS. 1/2/95

Refs: Kaye LINCOLN KELLOG GEN p. 185


WORLDCONNECT: McCOMB: has b 1597, Tarrant, Hinton, Dorset, Engd 3 May 1676 Sudbury Middlesex, MA

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