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Name Thomas Alley
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Thomas Alley came to southwest Virginia from Henrico County, Virginia with his brother James. The two brothers settled within the Clinch River watershed about 1776. Their younger brother Person:John Alley (1) born 1760 according to his sons letter to Lyman Draper in 1884, may have come with them but does not appear in local tax records until the 1780's. A sister Fanny married a Napier (Napper), prior to the move to the Clinch, but was killed by Indians in an attack in the Fort Blackmore area in 1777.


A person:Thomas Alley (3) appears about this time living on Little River in Montgomery County. Court records of Montgomery County show this latter Thomas Alley married to wife Jane, dying of wound received in 1780 at "Bufords Defeat" in South Carolina.