Person:Sophia Cowan (1)

Sophia Charlotte Cowan
  1. Sophia Charlotte Cowan1806 - 1902
  2. Eliza Berryan Richey1808 - 1892
  3. Evelina McField Richey1810 - 1888
  4. Mary Alice Richey1812 - 1881
  5. Elizabeth Richey1814 -
  6. John Stuart Richey1816 - 1894
  7. James Thomas C Richey1818 -
  8. Matilda Caroline Richey1820 - Aft 1870
  9. Elvira Williams Richey1822 - 1887
  10. Martha Jane Richey1824 - Bef 1880
  11. Sarah Frances Richey1827 - 1910
  12. James Andrew Jackson Richey1830 - 1911
  1. William Anderson White1829 - 1893
  2. John H White1831 - bef 1889
  3. Malinda White1833 -
  4. James S White1835 - 1913
  5. Calista Caroline White1838 -
  6. Julia White1840 - 1868
  7. Martha Delta White1843 - 1930
  8. Caroline Isabella White1844 - 1928
  9. Mary E White1844 - 1920
Facts and Events
Name[1][5] Sophia Charlotte Cowan
Alt Name[1][6] Sophia Charletia Richey
Gender Female
Birth[1][2][5] 29 May 1806 South Carolina, United States
Death[3][4] 1902 Blount, Alabama, United States
Burial[3][4] 1902 Center Hill Independent Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Blount, Alabama, United States

Biography of Sophia Cowan

Little is known of the early records of Sophia, however a record of her marriage to "Louis" White (records of Gerald Post reflect she married "Andrew") was found in Blount County, Alabama recording the marriage of Sophia C. J. Cowan to Louis White on 17 Sept 1828. An analysis of census records show the ages to match her date of birth. This raises the possibility that Martha was previously married to a Cowan, and Sophia was not a true daughter of John Richey, or that Sophia was previously married, and Louis White was her second marriage. Careful analysis of Blount and Jefferson County records turned up no marriage record for Sophia Richey and Andrew White, which is the name referred to in other family histories (re: Gerald Post). It should also be noted that one of John Richey's daughters, Mary Alice Richey used the initial "C" when she signed her name to a probate document from her father's probate records in Red River County, 11 Nov 1844. Some family researchers have reflected her name in family records as Mary Alise Cowan Richey. Sophia remained in Blount County, Alabama where they are shown on census records until her death. She wrote a letter to James Selen Stout dated 29 Oct 1871 asking for a portion of her mother's estate and it is signed "Sophia C. J. White, Blount Springs, Alabama." Based on this letter, she was clearly the daughter of Martha M. Richey, her maiden name still unknown for sure.

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  6. It appears that Sophia's maiden name is "Cowan" based on her memorial stone. She was clearly Martha Richey's daughter from the letter she wrote to Selen Stout. While she is listed as Sophia Richey in many family genealogies, it doesn't appear she ever used that name. Sopme of her family genealogies show her name as "Sophia Charlotte Cowan."