Person:Sarah Knight (256)

Sarah Knight
b.6 Feb 1807
m. Bet 1802 and 1803
  1. Polly Knight1804 - 1805
  2. Sarah Knight1807 -
  3. Leonard Knight1808 - 1843
  4. Mary Jane Knight1810 -
  5. Mariam Knight1812 -
  6. Harrison Knight1814 -
  7. John J. Knight1816 - 1818
  8. John Knight1818 - 1896
  9. Goin Knight1819 - 1820
  10. Saphronia Ellen Knight1821 - 1856
  • H.  Stephen Gammon (add)
  • WSarah Knight1807 -
m. 28 Jul 1825
Facts and Events
Name[1] Sarah Knight
Gender Female
Birth[1] 6 Feb 1807
Marriage 28 Jul 1825 to Stephen Gammon (add)
Vital Records

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