Person:Sarah Johnson (175)

Sarah Ann Johnson
  1. Charles Johnson1805-1810 -
  2. Mary Johnsonabt 1808 - aft 1850
  3. Evaline Johnson1810-1815 -
  4. Sarah Ann Johnson1810-1815 - bef 1842
  5. Robert Johnson1816 - aft 1850
  • HJohn W Dawsonest 1810-1820 -
  • WSarah Ann Johnson1810-1815 - bef 1842
m. 30 Nov 1837
  1. Maj. Byron Dawson1838 - aft 1912
Facts and Events
Name[6] Sarah Ann Johnson
Married Name[6] Dawson
Gender Female
Birth[4] 1810-1815 Indiana, United Statesprobably Clark County
Census[1] 1820 Pope, Illinois, United StatesAlexander Township
Census[4] 1830 Clark, Indiana, United States
Marriage 30 Nov 1837 Johnson, Indiana, United Statesto John W Dawson
Census[2] 1840 Johnson, Indiana, United States
Death[5][3][6] bef Nov 1842 Johnson, Indiana, United States[probable death location] ; when husband remarried
  1. Pope, Illinois, in United States. 1820 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication M33), p. 76, Primary quality.

    Illinois, Pope, Alexander
    Jonston, Beley,
    1 m >10 [Robert],
    1 m 10-15 [Charles],
    1 m 26-44 [Bailey],
    3 f >10 [Evaline, Sarah, Mary],
    1 f 16-25 [Ann]

  2. Household Recorded, in Clark, Indiana, United States. 1830 U.S. Census Population Schedule, p. 91, Primary quality.

    John Dawson,
    1 m<5 [Byron],
    1 m 20-30 [John],
    1 f 20-30 [Sarah]

  3. Estate File #3697, Sarah Ann Dawson (1844), in Johnson, Indiana, United States. Probate Records, Primary quality.

    Guardian Bond, John W. Dawson, filed 14 May 1844, Probate Court
    The undersigned would respectfully represent unto your honor that he is the father of Byron Dawson who is aged about 6 year. His mother Sarah Ann Dawson now deceased was the daughter and one of the heirs at law of Baly Johnson, late of said county deceased, who died intestate seized of 140.0 acres of land situate on the Madison and Indianapolis State road about 2 and 1/2 miles south of Franklin – the rental value of which land is about $60. That there are 5 heirs of said Baly none [sic] entitled to one equal [“one equal” inserted above line] share of said land one of whom is the said Byron son of your petitioner. Your petitioner wishes to be appointed guardian of his said son so as to enable and authorize him to take full charge of this interest and share of his said son in said estate
    Signed John W. Dawson

  4. 4.0 4.1 Household Recorded, in Clark, Indiana, United States. 1830 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Primary quality.

    Clark County, Indiana, NE of the State Road
    Johnson, Bailey,
    1 m 20-30 [Robert],
    1 m 40-50 [Bailey],
    1 f 10-15 [Sarah],
    1 f 40-50 [Ann]

  5. Indiana State Library. Indiana State Library Genealogy Database: Marriages through 1850. (Indiana, United States), Secondary quality.

    Dawson, John W. and Shelton, Mary J, Marion County, 11-16-1842 [16 Nov 1842]

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