Person:Sarah Jackson (152)

Sarah 'Sallie' Jackson
m. est 1763
  1. Capt. Stephen Jackson1764 - 1847
  2. Benjamin Arnold Jackson1770 - abt 1772
  3. Jacob Jackson1772 -
  4. Jemima Jackson1775 - 1828
  5. William Jackson1777 - 1857
  6. Samuel M. Jackson1783 - ABT 1821
  7. Sarah 'Sallie' Jackson1786 - 1855
  8. Lucinda "Lucy" Jackson1787 - 1853
  9. Mary (Polly) Jackson1790 - 1853
  10. Phebe Jackson1793 - 1827
  • HJohn Flesher1782 - 1866
  • WSarah 'Sallie' Jackson1786 - 1855
m. 5 Jun 1804
  1. Phoebe Flesherabt 1805 - 1860
  2. Margaret Flesherabt 1807 -
  3. Lemuel Jackson Flesherabt 1809 - 1874
  4. Martha (Hannah) Flesherabt 1810 -
  5. Stephen Flesher1814 - 1864
  6. John Flesher1817 - 1880
  7. Jacob Flesher1819 - 1883
  8. Henry Flesher1823 - 1847
  9. Jefferson Flesher1824 -
  10. William Flesher1829 - 1900
Facts and Events
Name Sarah 'Sallie' Jackson
Gender Female
Birth[1][2][3] 3 Jan 1786 Morris Co., New Jersey
Marriage 5 Jun 1804 Harrison Co., Virginia (now West Virginia), United Statesto John Flesher
Death? 19 May 1855 Iroquois Co., Illinois
Burial? Flesher Cemetery, Crescent City, Iroquois Co., Illinois, United States

Sarah's father Edward, mentioned her in his will in 1807 as 'Sarah Fletcher". An analysis of the story of two Sarahs is in the Conflicting Data section. This Sarah was not the same Abigail who married Jonathan Hughes. Please read the conflicting data page; it has long been thought that Abigail Jackson Hughes was this Sarah, dau of Edward. The data on the Conflicting Data page proves otherwise. The place and data of her death is taken from Flesher family records by Larry Flesher. See source web site.

Sarah's sister, Lucinda, married John Flesher's brother, William. William's son Elias and his family was found on the 1850 Salem, Warren Co, OH Census. Sarah's sister, Lucinda, was living with them. The family name was spelled Fletcher at that time. This helps me accept that Sarah's name in her father's Will was spelled Fletcher, but on her marriage license was spelled Flesher. An image of Sarah and John's marriage license has been found and compared to Sarah's father's signature on his Will to help prove that this Sarah was indeed Edward's daughter.

Sarah's husband John Flesher is listed among the Names of Heads of Families of Lebanon Twp, Meigs County, Ohio in 1820. Also on that list is Sarah's brother Samuel M. Jackson and her sister Lucinda Jackson Flesher (Lucinda's husband William Flesher had died.) and Samuel's son-in-law David Sleeth.

"Pioneer History of Meigs County"

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