Person:Sarah Adams (50)

Sarah Adams
m. Bef 1664
  1. John Adams1664 - 1665
  2. Elizabeth Adams1665/66 - 1744
  3. Sarah Adams1668 - 1732
  4. James Adams1671 -
  5. Susannah Adams1674 -
  6. Hannah Adams1675/76 -
  7. Deborah Adams1678 - 1731
  8. John Adams1680 - 1688
  9. Abigail Adams1682/83 - 1759
  10. Thomas Adams1684/85 -
  11. Marcy Adams1686 -
  12. Phebe Adams1690/91 -
m. 29 Nov 1690
  1. Elizabeth Cowperwaithe
  2. Susannah Copperthwaiteest 1700 -
Facts and Events
Name Sarah Adams
Gender Female
Birth[1] 24 Apr 1668 Flushing, Queens, New York, United States
Marriage 29 Nov 1690 Flushing, NYto John Copperthwait
Death? 1732
Other? Flushing, NYLived
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lvd. Flushing, NY at time of marriage. Sarahs lineage from internet. Seem to be 2 Adams immigrants. Pres. John Adams was from the other immigrant.

  1. "Records of the Society of Friends of the City of New York and Vicinity, from 1640 to 1800", in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. (New York, New York: New York Genealogical and Biographical Society), Vol. 3, p. 187.

    The children of John ... Adams ... and of Elizabeth of fflushing:
    Sarah Adams was borne ye 24th of ye 2d mo., 1668.
    [Note: In old-styles dates, the second month is April. More info may be found here.]