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Samuel Waters
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Waters
Gender Male
Marriage 21 Oct 1872 Girard, Erie Co., Pennsylvania, USAto Dora Schlafke
Death[1] Sept. 5th, 1889 Ashtabula, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, USA
Vital Records

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1 NAME Winfield S. /Fenton/ 2 GIVN Winfield S. 2 SURN Fenton 2 SOUR S19 3 PAGE Bekki Bedow: <> July 2003 3 QUAY 3 2SOUR S19 3 PAGE Bekki Bedow: <> July 2003 3 QUAY 3

Samuel was listed as being inlisted in services 16 Mar 1863, hon. discharged 24 Jul 1863. It apears that Samuel Waters , AKA Winfield S. Fenton are thesame person.; Same marriage details for both names on widow's pension application and supporting affidavit; Later records (Dora's obit. death cert.) give the name Waters.; Perhaps he changed his name after the war. Samuel may have beenhis middle name.


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  1. Number 21, Bekki Bedow: <> July 2003.