Person:Samuel Reed (19)

m. 1748
  1. Sarah Reed1750 - bef 1785
  2. John Reed1751 - 1831
  3. Solomon Reed1753 - 1808
  4. Samuel Reed1754 - 1812
  5. Timothy Reed1756 - 1813
  • HSamuel Reed1754 - 1812
  • WAnna Shaw1760 - 1844
m. Aft. 14 Nov 1779
  1. Samuel Reed1781 - 1783
  2. Anna Reed1784 - 1835
  3. Abigail Reed1786 - 1826
  4. Samuel Reed1788 - 1826
  5. Stephen Reed1790 - 1847
  6. Timothy Reed1793 - 1855
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Reed
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1754 Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Graduation[1] 1777 Yale
Ordination[4] 23 Sept 1779 Warwick, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Aft. 14 Nov 1779 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts, United Statesto Anna Shaw
Death[2][3] 13 Jul 1812 Warwick, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
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Second minister of the Congregational Church of Warwick, preceded by Rev. Lemuel Hedge who d.17 Oct 1777, succeeded by Rev. Preserved Smith, ordained 12 Oct 1814. Tablet erected by the town of Warwick over his grave:

Rev. Samuel Reed
Second minister in Warwick
Died July 31st. 1812, aged 57.

He had strong powers of mind; was bold in defense of the truth; severe against wickedness; mild towards the humble; pitiful to the distressed; affectionate towards his friends.

Frank and sincere in all his professions; rational and fervent in his piety; faithful in his pastoral duties.

He taught the Christian doctrine in its simplicity and truth; he maintained the freedom of the human mind, the unchangeable obligations of moral duty, the impartial justice of God, and future retribution.

Under the vital impression of this faith, he felt, and communicated the cheering entertainments of life, and enjoyed the richest solace and triumph in death.

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