Person:Ruhamah Jones (1)

Ruhamah Jones
b.Abt. 1650
  • HJoseph NickersonBef 1647 - bet 1726-1731
  • WRuhamah JonesAbt 1650 - Bef 1735
m. Bef. 5 Mar 1677/78
Facts and Events
Name[1] Ruhamah Jones
Gender Female
Birth? Abt. 1650
Marriage Bef. 5 Mar 1677/78 to Joseph Nickerson
Death[2] Bef. 21 Oct 1735 Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Ancestral File Number BGRK-77
  1. Hawes, James W., Children of William Nickerson, in Library of Cape Cod History & Genealogy (vol 1-105). (Yarmouthport, Mass. (1912-1923): C.W. Swift), 1322.

    [Explaining her identification as daughter of Teague Jones:] Ruhamah Nickerson had a son Jeremiah (probably named for Jeremiah Jones, who, on the hypothesis, would be his uncle) and she ended her days in the house of John Eldredge, who, on the hypothesis, would be her nephew. [I assume her relationship to John is related to a statement the author had made earlier, namely, "In Eldredge genealogy I have shown the possibility that Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Eldredge was a daughter of Teague Jones."]

  2. Library of Cape Cod History & Genealogy (vol 1-105). (Yarmouthport, Mass. (1912-1923): C.W. Swift), 1321.

    21 Oct 1735, the town of Harwich was ordered to reimburse Chatham for "Ruhamah Nickerson, an aged impotent woman of Harwich destitute of any estate or relations by law obliged to support her while she was sick at John Eldredge's house in Chatham." [my notes say 1738, but I assume I copied the date incorrectly, because Source:A history of Chatham, Massachusetts : formerly the constablewick or village of Monomoit, with maps and illustrations and numerous genealogical notes, p. 131 says this order took place 21 Oct 1735.]