Person:Robert Walker (52)

Robert Walker
b.1692 Ireland
  1. William Walker, of the Conodogunit1691 - 1757
  2. Robert Walker1692 - 1750
  3. Samuel Walker1694 -
  4. James Walker1696 - aft 1758
  5. Henry Walker1698 - 1742
  6. Andrew Walker1700 - 1762
  1. James Walkerbefore 1710 -
  2. Robert Walker1718 -
  3. William Walker1718 - 1765
  4. Thomas WalkerAbt 1720 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Walker
Gender Male
Birth? 1692 Ireland
Death? 1750
Vital Records

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Robert Walker 1630-1690 Descendancy
Data:Walker Land Records in Lancaster County


Robert, and his brother William Walker, are said to have settled in waht would later become Cumberland County, PA about 1738. William settled on the Conodoguinet Creek, a few miles from its mouth.


Date: 27 May 1997 From: Terry Milani Searching: WALKER Looking for the parents of Robert Walker born August 26, 1776. Native of Cumberland County. Barons places his death near the place of his birth on August 11 1814. His obituary referred to Robert as a Major and places his death at Springfield, West Pennsborough Township near Newville, Place of burial unknown. According to a Walker source he had a brother William who owned several large farms in the Cumberland Valley. No other information about Wm. A Walker source refers to Robert's mother as a "stout Dutch woman" and places his father's place of birth at Antrim County, Ireland. Robert married Mary Latshaw Roetsweb

DUNLAP, WILLIAM, West Pennsborough. June 12, 1759 8 September 1759. Wife, unnamed, sons John and William Dunlap, Robert Dunlap. Daus. Mary and Sarah. Indented girl Martha. Exs: sons John and William Dunlap. Wit: Hugh Leard, Robert Walker. Original Source:Cumberland County Will Book A: 62. Intermediate Source: h[ttp:// USGENWEB]

GIBSON, ROBERT, Hopewell. September 16, 1754 7 June 1756. Sons Andrew and Robert. Daus. Jean, Martha and Ann Gibson. Exs: William Patton, Hugh Tomson, Andw. Giffen. Wit: William Walker, Jean Walker, Jas. Peebles (Pebls). Original Source:Cumberland County Will Book A. 35. Intermediate Source: USGENWEB

CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE, Hopewell. March 17, 1759 13 May 1769. Wife Elinor. Son Adam. Daus. Jean Cuningham and Margaret Cuningham. Sons George and John. Son Allen Scrogs. Dau. Elinor Cunningham. Plantation on Big Spring adjoining James Laughlin's, Samuel Walker's and Robert McCulley's. Ex.: bro. James McCormick. Wit: William Lamond, James Cuningham.

Original Source:Cumberland County Will Book B. 14-16. Intermediate Source: USGENWEB


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