Person:Robert Shipley (2)

Robert Shipley
b.BET 2 AND 12 APR 1763
m. ABT 1762
  1. Ruth Shipley
  2. Robert ShipleyBET 1763 -
m. 26 FEB 1789
Facts and Events
Name Robert Shipley
Gender Male
Birth? BET 2 AND 12 APR 1763
Marriage 26 FEB 1789 to Providence Elder
Marriage License 27 FEB 1789 to Providence Elder

From Hammutal Tevis and Robert Shipley: A Cautionary Tale by Nany Pearre Lesure

Buried in the Baltimore County records is stronger proof of the relationship between Robert Shipley and Hammutal's father Robert Tevis. On the day after the second Tuesday in April 1780 - which would have been the twelfth - "Robert Shiply and David Brown Orphans fo the age of 16 & 17 years of age comes into court and Chuses Robert Tivis Senr. & Robert Tivis Junr. Guardians... David, the son of Robert Tevis Sr.'s daughter Naomi and David Brown, was born 3 December 1763, so he would have been the 16-year-old. Finally, depositions made 2 April 1785 in a boundary dispute case provide a gold mine of information: Robert Tevis Sr., aged 75, was a deponent, as were his sons Nathaniel, aged 45, and Benjamin, aged 30. Most significant for our argument is the deposition of Robert Shipley, aged 21, who stated that he had visited the property "in company with his Grandfather Robert Tevis." Together the records suggest that Robert was born between 2 and 12 April 1763.