Person:Peter Reed (8)

m. Bef 1727
  1. Abijah Reed1727 -
  2. Peter Reed1728/29 - Bef 1761
  3. Abigail Reed1731 -
  4. Mary Reed1733 -
  5. Sarah Reed1736 -
  6. Thomas Reed1739 -
  7. Rebecca Reed1743 -
m. 7 Nov 1751
  1. Betty Reed1752 -
  2. Charles Reed1752 -
  3. Abijah Reed1754 - 1844
  4. Sarah Reed1757 -
  5. Abigail Reed1757 -
  6. Molly Reed1759 - 1843
Facts and Events
Name Peter Reed
Gender Male
Birth[1] 16 Feb 1728/29 Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Christening[1] 23 Feb 1728/29 Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 7 Nov 1751 Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Elizabeth Hartwell
Death[2] Bef 16 Feb 1761 Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Vital Records

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    Peter, s. of Peter & Abigail, b. Feb. 16, 1728-29, bp. Feb. 23.

  2. FHL film 0421500, in Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Probate records 1648--1924. (Middlesex County, MA: Massachusetts Probate Court), Case 18585: "Peter Reed 1761".

    16 Feb 1761: Bond of "Bettey Reed Widow" as "Administrat'x of the Estate of her late husband Peter Reed late of Littleton aforesaid Deceased Intestate".
    20 Mar 1761: inventory
    25 Sep 1764: Bond of Jonathan & Betty Keys and sureties to sell land to pay just debts, in response to "the Petition of the said Jonathan Keys & his wife Betty (admin'x of the Estate of Peter Reed Jun late of Littleton Deced)".
    [from Case 18586 "Bettey Read & al 1763"]
    24 Jan 1763: Bond of Jonathan Keyes to be Guardian to "Bettey, Charly, Abija, Sarah, Abigail & Molley all minors under the age of fourteen years Children of Peter Reed jun'r late of Littleton".

  3.   Note: Source:Reed, Jacob Whittemore. History of the Reed Family in Europe and America, p. 276, suggests Peter "appears to have married Dorothy Parker of Westford" in 1772. Clearly the probate records show this is incorrect and it was not him. In fact, it was his father's 3rd marriage.