Person:Maxine Hart (1)

Maxine Hart
Facts and Events
Name Maxine Hart
Alt Name Elma Maxine Hart
Gender Female
Marriage 25 May 1938 Emmett, Gem, Idaho, United Statesto Reece Edward Mayer
Census[1] 1940 Klamath, Oregon, United States
Divorce 10 Aug 1956 Ada, Idaho, United Statesfrom Reece Edward Mayer
  1. Crescent Lake Precinct, Klamath, Oregon, in United States. 1940 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication T627), HH 56, Primary quality.

    Mowich, owns home value $700, not a farm
    Mayer, Reece E., 22, married, 1 yr college, b. ID, 5 yrs ago in Emmett, Gem, ID, works for pay, worked 12 hrs in last week, Lumber Handler, Lumber Mfg, worked 38 weeks in 1939, $990 income
    , Maxine (informant), wife, 20, married, 4yrs high school, b. ID, 5 yrs ago in Emmett, does house work at home
    , Michele K., dau, 5 months, b. OR
    Hart, Howard, father-in-law, 49, widowed, 4 yrs High School, b. NE, unable to work
    , Doris, sister-in-law, 18, single, 4 yrs High School, b. ID, in school, Usher in theater, worked 24 days in previous yr, $50 income