Person:Max Raschke (1)

Max Raschke
m. 6 Feb 1878
  1. Augusta Raschke1880 -
  2. Edward Raschke1883 - 1938
  3. Max Raschke1885 -
  4. Grace Raschke1890 -
Facts and Events
Name Max Raschke
Gender Male
Birth[1] July 1885 Illinois, United States
Census[1] 1900
Vital Records

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This is probably the same Max Raschke whose wife gave birth to a son, Max Edward Joseph Raschke, on 21 July 1915S2 and who appears in the 1920 US Census in Perry County, Illinois as Mike E. Raschke, renting a farm.

  1. 1.0 1.1 Illinois, Cook, Evanston Ward 5, ED 1159, in United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication T624), HH 179, Fam 238, Primary quality.

    2118 Wesley Av,
    Klatt, William, b. Aug 1860, age 39, m. 18 years, b. Germany, both parents b. Germany, immigrated 1885, naturalized, section Boss, able to read, write, able to speak English, owns house free of Mtg
    , Augusta, wife, b. Oct 1859, age 40, m 22 years, 8 children 4 living, b. Germany, both parents b. Germany, immigrated 1872, able to read, write, able to speak English
    , Amelia, daughter, b. Nov 1898, age 1 year, b. Illinois
    Rascka, Edward, stepson, b. Sept 1883, 16, b. Illinois
    , Max, stepson, b. July 1885, 14, b. Illinois
    , Grace, stepdau, b. Apr 1890, 10, b. Illinois

  2.   Cook, Illinois, United States. Illinois, Cook County, Birth Certificates, 1871-1940. (FamilySearch Record Search), Primary quality.

    Certificate 17964
    Max Edward Joseph Raschke, b. 21 July 1915, 5709 Wentworth Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 1st child of Max E. Raschke (32, b. Winetka, Illinois, electrician) and Lottia C. Lynch Raschke (32, b. DuQuoin, Illinois), resident 5709 Wentworth Aven, Chicago, Illinois
    Reported by Mrs. Lottie C. Raschke (Mother, 2329 S. Ridgeway Aven, Tel Lawndale 462) on 19 June 1930