Person:Mary Woodruffe (2)

Mary Anne Woodruffe
d.aft 1871
m. bef 1810
  1. Mary Anne Woodruffe1810 - aft 1871
  2. Daniel Woodruffe1826 -
  • HHumphrey Hyde1804 - 1878
  • WMary Anne Woodruffe1810 - aft 1871
m. 9 Aug 1836
  1. Humphrey William Hyde1838 - 1915
  2. Thomas Hyde1840 -
  3. Mary Woodruffe Hyde1844 -
  4. Catherine Elizabeth Hyde1846 -
  5. Seville John Hyde1849 -
Facts and Events
Name Mary Anne Woodruffe
Gender Female
Birth[2] 23 Aug 1810 Quorn, Leicestershire, England
Marriage 9 Aug 1836 Quorn, Leicestershire, Englandto Humphrey Hyde
Census[3] 1841 Twynford, Leicestershire, England
Census[2] 1851 Saint Mary Township, Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Death? aft 1871
Census[4] AFT 1871 Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
Vital Records

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MARY ANNE WOODRUFFE was born on 23 Aug 1810 at Quorndon, Leicestershire, England. She married HUMPHREY HYDE, son of SAVILLE JOHN HYDE and SUSANNAH ABIGAIL BUTLER, on 9 Aug 1836 at Quorndon, Leicestershire, England, at the age of 25. She appeared on the census of 1841 at Twynford Parish, Leicestershire, England. She appeared on the census of 1851 at Saint Mary Township, Leicester, Leicestershire, England. She appeared on the census of 1851 at Saint Mary Township, Leicester, Leicestershire, England. She appeared on the census of after 1871 at Loughborough Parish, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England. She died after 1871.


Mary Woodruffe Census
Year Source Image
1841 1841 England Census, Civil Parish: Twyford; County: Leicestershire
1841 1851 England Census, Leicestershire, England
1871 1871 England Census, Leicestershire, England
Image Gallery
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