Person:Mary Snow (48)

m. Bef 1671
  1. Joseph Snow1671 - 1705/06
  2. Benjamin Snow1673 -
  3. Mary Snow1674 -
  4. Sarah Snow1677 -
  5. Ruth Snow1679 -
  6. Stephen Snow1681/82 - Bef 1769
  7. Lydia Snow1684 -
  8. Rebecca Snow1686 -
  9. James Snow1689 -
  10. Jane Snow1692 -
  11. Josiah Snow1694 -
Facts and Events
Name Mary Snow
Gender Female
Birth[1] 17 Oct 1674 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Vital Records

There are 3 vital records available on MyHeritage for Mary Snow, including birth records, marriage records, and death records. Vital records are historical records that are typically recorded around the actual time of the event, which means they are likely accurate. Vital records include information like the event date and place, and the person's occupation and residence. Vital records also often include information about the person's relatives. For example, birth and marriage records include names of parents and divorce records list the names of children.

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  1. "Eastham and Orleans, Mass., Vital Records", in Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants. Mayflower Descendant: An Illustrated Quarterly Magazine of Pilgrim Genealogy, History and Biography, 3:230.

    Mary Snow the daughter of Joseph Snow was borne the : 17th day of october : 1674.

  2.   Source:General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Mayflower Families through Five Generations, Vol. 6 (Stephen Hopkins), p. 18, suggests Mary "perhaps" married Person:Nathaniel Mayo (11). However, as the discussion on Nathaniel's page explains, it is far from clear that he married more than once, and it is known he married Mary Brown. It appears the only real reason for believing this is that Mary is not mentioned in her father's will of 1717, and Nathaniel's first wife, if he had two, would have died by 1703. However, that would still leave three children, and those don't seem to be in the father's will either (the will is printed Source:NEHGR, p. 47:188-9). So this seems doubtful.