Person:Mary Poole (21)

m. 14 Sep 1766
  1. Elizabeth PooleABT 1767 -
  2. Townsend Poole1769 - 1852
  3. Pierce 'Pearcy' Poole1773 - 1845
  4. Jackson Poole1774 - 1836
  5. Mary Poole1776 - 1859
m. 12 Oct 1792
  1. James Corsa1793 -
  2. John CORSA1796 - 1876
  3. Deborah Corsa1798 - 1862
  4. Solomon Corsa1800 - 1892
  5. Helen Corsa1803 - 1819
  6. Marshia Corsa1805 - 1873
  7. Letitia Corsa1809 - 1879
  8. Hannah Corsa1812 - 1878
  9. Elizabeth Corsa1815 - 1885
  10. Amelia Corsa1818 - 1887
Facts and Events
Name Mary Poole
Gender Female
Birth? 10 Feb 1776 Town of Hempstead, Queens (now Nassau) Co., New York, United States
Marriage 12 Oct 1792 Fordham, Westchester (now Bronx) Co., New York, United Statesto Andrew Corsa
Death? 26 Jan 1859 Yonkers, Westchester Co., New York, United States
Burial? Saint John's Cemetery, Yonkers, Westchester Co., New York, United States
Vital Records

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From Poole researcher: "Mary Poole married Andrew Corsa, a recognized Revolutionary War participant. See notes under Andrew Corsa.

At the time of this writing (June 2005) there is still confusion as to 'which sequence' of wife Mary Poole was to Andrew. She is noted to have 10 issue by Andrew.

Research by William DeCoursey ( states his first wife's (Helena Bussing) death was Dec. 27, 1787. and Andrew's marriage to Mary Poole as being Oct. 12, 1792. Their first child being born in 1793 and onward. Other published data also by Mr. DeCoursey states 'Mary Poole' as being Andrew Corsa's first wife. If, in fact, Helena Bussing is proven to have died in 1787, and record of two children for her and Andrew are proven, then Mary Poole would logically be wife number two based on the ages of their children, etc.

Other recognized sources (Westchester Historical Society) have stated Mary was Andrew's first wife and Helena Bussing his second wife. Research underway to try to clear up the discrepencies."

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