Person:Mary Peirce (10)

Facts and Events
Name Mary Forrer Peirce
Alt Name Mellie Peirce
Gender Female
Birth[2] 1 Jan 1855 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States
Census[4] 23 Jun 1860 Harrison, Montgomery, Ohio, United States
Census[3] 11 Jun 1870 Harrison, Montgomery, Ohio, United States
Education[1] Jan 1872-Jul 1872 Sandusky, Erie, Ohio, United States
Residence[1] Jan 1872-Jul 1872 Sandusky, Erie, Ohio, United Stateswith George and Nancy F. (Follett) Thornton
Other[1] Jun 1874-Aug 1875 Europetoured Europe with her Aunt Mary Forrer
Other[1] Mar-Apr 1880 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United StatesClifton; visiting George and Nancy Thornton
Census[5] 16 Jun 1880 Harrison, Montgomery, Ohio, United Stateswith father J. H. Peirce; no occupation listed
Occupation[8] 1881-1892 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United Statesno occupation ever listed in city directories
Other[1] Dec 1882-Mar 1883 New Brighton, Richmond, New York, United Statesvisiting
Alt Death[2] 23 Jul 1892 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States
Death[6][7] 25 Jul 1892 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United StatesFive Oaks
Burial[6][7] 27 Jul 1892 Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United StatesSection 77, Lot 18
Funeral[7] 27 Jul 1892 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United Statesat the residence, Five Oaks, at 5:30 p.m.
Vital Records

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Mellie never married.

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