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Mary Tayloe Lloyd
b.26 MAY 1784
d.18 MAY 1859 Baltimore, MD
Facts and Events
Name Mary Tayloe Lloyd
Married Name Key
Gender Female
Birth? 26 MAY 1784 _UID: 80D1233D-FF68-4808-BBC8-C9E0AE215CAE RIN: MH:IF10357
Marriage _UID: AD6E18B5-FCD1-45E5-8180-3AA256BBCE67 RIN: MH:FF249
to Francis Scott Key
Death? 18 MAY 1859 Baltimore, MD_UID: DB541BA5-6AC5-47A5-BDFC-6C566E4761AB RIN: MH:IF10358
Burial? Mount Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, MD_UID: A50783FB-02BF-4299-AECB-9C4CF30A2ECF RIN: MH:IF10500

RIN: MH:I964