Person:Martha Herner (1)

m. 16 Mar 1886
  1. Mary Herner1887 - 1936
  2. Martha Herner1890 - 1930
  3. Rachel Herner1893 - 1970
  4. Samuel Herner1897 - 1975
  5. John Herner1900 - 1980
m. 24 Mar 1908
Facts and Events
Name Martha Herner
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 27 Mar 1890 Cullom, Livingston County, Illinois, United States
Living[4] 1906 Alberta, Canada
Marriage 24 Mar 1908 Alberta, Canadato Levi Habermehl
Death[3] 13 Apr 1930 Watrous, Saskatchewan, Canadafrom cancer, in the Watrous Hospital
Education[1] Jackson County, Minnesota, United States
Vital Records

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Kimball, Jackson County, Minnesota, in United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication T624), sheet 8.

    Isaac Herner, born July 1837 (age 62) in English Canada, married 14 years, immigrated to the US in 1864, farmer (both parents born in English Canada)
    wife: Jennie Herner, born Sept 1866 (age 33) in Michigan (both parents born in New York)
    daughter: Maria Herner, born Sept 1887 (age 12) in Illinois
    daughter: Martha Herner, born June 1891 (age 8) in Illinois
    daughter: Rachel Herner, born Sept 1893 (age 6) in Illinois
    son: Samuel Herner, born May 1897 (age 3) in Minnesota

  2. Herner Family Bible.

    'Martha Herner Born March 27th 1890. Cullom. Illinois.'

  3. Herner Family Bible.

    'Martha died Apr 13th 1930 of cancer.'

  4. Alberta, Calgary, sub-district 21, in Canada. 1906 Census of Northwest Provinces. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada), page 51.

    Samuel Herner, age 59, living on section 6, township 30, range 2, west of the 5th meridian
    wife: Jennie Herner, age 32
    d: Mary Herner
    d: Martha Herner
    d: Rachel Herner
    son: Samuel Herner
    son: John Herner
    all born in Ont.

    This is just west of Carstairs, AB.