Person:Maria Alexander (8)

Mariah Jane Alexander
  1. Mariah Jane Alexander
  2. Mahala Alexander1790-1800 -
  3. Benjamin Alexander1800-1810 - Bef 1850
  4. Margaret AlexanderAbt 1806 -
  5. Eliza Alexander1810-1820 -
  6. John AlexanderAbt 1813 - 1865
  7. Hugh Alexander
m. 2 Feb 1836
  1. William Reese
  2. Robert Joseph ReeseAbt 1843 -
Facts and Events
Name Mariah Jane Alexander
Alt Name Maria Jane Alexander
Gender Female
Marriage 2 Feb 1836 Johnson, Indiana, United Statesto Granville Reese
Property[2] 23 Feb 1836 Johnson, Indiana, United Stateswith siblings, sold property inherited from father
Property[1] 26 Mar 1836 Johnson, Indiana, United Stateswith husband, sold (quit claimed) property inherited from her father
Other[3] Nov 1837 Johnson, Indiana, United Statesnamed as heir in father's probate record
Divorce Filing Mar 1840 Johnson, Indiana, United StatesFiling cancelled Sept 1840
from Granville Reese
Vital Records

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  1. Johnson, Indiana, United States. Deed Records, Vol. D, p, 127, Dec 1835-Nov 1836, Primary quality.

    Indenture 26 March 1836
    Between Granville Reese and Mariah Jane his wife, late Mariah Jane Alexander, of Johnson County Indiana, legal heirs of Robert Alexander deceased
    And John Ogle of Marion county, Indiana
    Who paid $100 for the E1/2 of the NE1/4, S10, T12, R5E
    Also the E1/2 of the SE1/4, S3, T12N, Rl5E, 160 acres total
    Except that part set off to the Widow of Robert
    Grantors sell and quit claim to Ogle and warrant
    Signed Granville Reese, Mariah Jane Reese
    Witness Cornelius McDermed JP, Martha Jane McDermed

  2. Johnson, Indiana, United States. Deed Records, Vol D, p. 126, Dec 1835-Nov 1836, Primary quality.

    Benjamin Alexander, John Alexander, Hugh Alexander Mariah Alexander and William Tresler and Eliza his wife late Eliza Alexander
    And Anderson Ko[s]fer and Margaret his wife of the State of Kentucky
    Legal heirs of Robert Alexander of Johnson County deceased
    Who were paid $600 by John Ogle of Marion County, Indiana
    For the lands of the late Robert Alexander
    Except the part set off for the widow
    And except for the parcel by us together with John Ogle conveyed heretofore to William Tresler, NW1/4 of the SW1/4, S26, T12N, R5E
    The land hereby conveyed to wit
    The E1/2 of the NE1/4, S10, T12, R5E
    Also the E1/2 of the SW1/4, S3, T12, R5E
    Signed 23 Feb 1836, Benjamin x his mark Alexander, Katherine x her mark Alexander, John x his mark Alexander, Nancy x her mark Alexander, William x his mark Alexander, William x his mark Tresler, Eliza x her mark Tresler, Anderson x his mark Cofer
    Witnesses Cornelias McDermed, Martha McDermed

  3. Holmes, Maurice; Indiana. Probate Court (Johnson County); and Indiana. Circuit Court (Johnson County). Court records of Johnson County, Indiana, 1823-1853. (1982), Secondary quality.

    Probate Order Books – Record Book AA (orig p. nos)
    p. 26 – Joseph Rees appointed administrator 30 Sept 1835 of the estate of Robert Alexander deceased with Joseph Young as security. Inventory of personal property filed with sale bill for same, less property retained by widow Eleanor. Receipts filed for widow, John Ogle, Benjamin Alexander, William Trissler and John and Hugh Alexander, and Andrew Keefer for their shares. Money due Granville Rees and wife Mariah also filed in court. 13 Nov, 1837
    Probate Order Books – Record Book B
    p. 32 – Joseph Rees admin of estate of Robert Alexander decd filed in court receipt of candaaleanor Alexander widow for her share of estate and recpts of John Ogle, Benjamin Alexander, William Tressler, John and Hugh Alexander and Andrew Koofer for their shares. The share of Granville Rees and his wife Maria was turned into the court. Final settlement made 14 Nov 1837.