Person:Lewis Wharton (1)

Lewis Wharton
Facts and Events
Name[3][4][5][6] Lewis Wharton
Alt Name[1] Watson
Alt Name[7] Louis
Alt Name[8] Worden
Gender Male
Birth[10][11] 1815 Ohio, United States
Residence[1] 1860 Jackson, Preble, Ohio, United States
Occupation[1] 1860 Jackson, Preble, Ohio, United StatesBasket makers1
Military[3][4][5][6][11] 1861 Ohio, United StatesPrivate
Residence[7] 1866 Weesaw, Berrien, Michigan, United States
Occupation[7] 1866 Weesaw, Berrien, Michigan, United StatesButcher
Residence[2] 1870 Weesaw, Berrien, Michigan, United States
Residence[8] 1880 Weesaw, Berrien, Michigan, United States
Residence? 1890 Berrien, Michigan, United States
Death[5][10][11] 23 Aug 1891 Michigan, United States
Burial[5][9][10][11] New Troy Cemetery, New Troy, Berrien, Michigan, United States
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    Home in 1890 (Township, County, State): Weesaw, Berrien, Michigan
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    Year discharged: 1862
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    Enlistment Date: 31 Oct 1861
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    State Served: Ohio
    Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 31 October 1861 at the age of 45.
    Enlisted in Company C, 75th Infantry Regiment Ohio on 20 Dec 1861.

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    State of Cemetery: Michigan
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    Side: Union
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    Regiment Name: 113 Ohio Infantry
    Regiment Name Expanded: 113th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
    Rank In: Private
    Rank In Expanded: Private
    Rank Out: Private
    Rank Out Expanded: Private
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