Person:Lewis Ahner (4)

Lewis Russell Ahner, Junior
d.18 FEB 2004 Cook, Illinois
m. 05 MAR 1921
  1. Lewis Russell Ahner, Junior1921 - 2004
m. 22 Jul 1943
Facts and Events
Name[1] Lewis Russell Ahner, Junior
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 19 OCT 1921 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Census[4] 1930 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Education[2] 1943 Lewis listed 2 years of college on his WWII enlistment.
Marriage 22 Jul 1943 to Mary Louise Gray
Occupation[5] 1972 Oak Lawn, Cook, IllinoisHe was a teacher of physics at Oak Lawn High Schoool
Death[3] 18 FEB 2004 Cook, Illinois
Vital Records

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Lewis enlisted in the Air Corps on 27 Jan 1943. His plane crashed into a mountain and he was rescued by local townspeople.

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