Person:Lawrence Lamberson (5)

Lawrence Lamberson, Sr.
m. 11 Jan 1775
  1. Christina Lamberson1776 -
  2. Esther Lamberson1777 -
  3. John William Lamberson1779 - 1865
  4. Conrad LambersonABT 1782 -
  5. Lawrence Lamberson, Jr.1789 - BEF 1870
  6. Leonard Lamberson1794 - 1851
  7. Peter Lamberson1800 - ABT 1860
Facts and Events
Name[1] Lawrence Lamberson, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 13 Jun 1747 Somerset, Somerset, New Jersey, United States
Marriage 11 Jan 1775 Sussex, NJ, USto Christina Fite
Residence[4] Bef 1787 Greenwich Twp., Sussex, NJ, US
Other 1787 North Carolina, United StatesMigration
with Christina Fite
Other 1796 Smith, Tennessee, United StatesMigration
with Christina Fite
Military[6][8][9][10] 1797/1798 Sussex, New Jersey, United StatesRevolutionary War
Census[5] 1820 Smith, Tennessee, United States
Death[2][3][7] 15 Jan 1822 Smith, Tennessee, United StatesLawrence Lamberson
Reference Number[1] 13137
Alt Death[4][7] 15 Jan 1833 Smith, Tennessee, United StatesAff of Christina Fite p4
Residence 15 March 1850 DeKalb, Tennessee, United Stateswith Christina Fite

American Revolution Veteran

Biography of Leonard Lamberson

The record of migrations and other relevant notes from the cited source: after the Revolutionary War, Christina's brother John Fite had a warrant for 200 acres of land in Northampton Co., PA. Also, Christina's brother Leonard moved to the same place, Northampton County, PA, in 1785. This is when the Lambersons also apparently lived there. Catharine Fite, his sister-in-law give declarations in files for Mary Rumfelt, John Titman, and Peter Titman's Revolutionary Pension applications. She further states that the families moved to North Carolina in 1790. Some of the Fite records say 1787, but sometime in this period the Fite's, Rumfelt's, Titman's, and most likely the Lamberson's all moved into Lincoln County, North Carolina from Sussex County, New Jersey. See Catharine Fite's page for copies of these declarations.

This source states that Christina moved from Greenwich Twp., Sussex Co., NJ to North Carolina with her other brothers and sisters in 1787 and thence to TN in 1796.

There is clearly some discrepancy, but it is worthwhile to note the connection to North Carolina which is not borne out in other records or traditions that I have heard of.

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    Males, 45 and over:1; Females 16-25, 1; Females, 45 and over 1.

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