Person:Joseph Segar (2)

Joseph Segar
  • HJoseph Segar - 1779
  • WMary - Bef 1823
m. Abt 1759
  1. Catherine Segars1760 -
  2. Jeremiah Seger1763 - Bef 1808
  3. Francis Segar1765 - Bef 1808
  4. Joseph Seger1767 -
  5. Reuben Segars1769 - Bef 1803
  6. Mary Ann Segarsabt 1773 - bef 1847
  7. Anne Segars1779 - 1849
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Segar
Gender Male
Marriage Abt 1759 Date based on birth of oldest known child
to Mary
Citizenship[1] 1777 Cecil, Maryland, United StatesSigned Oath of Allegiance
Death[2][3] 1779 wife listed as widow in September, youngest daughter born in October
Vital Records

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