Person:Jonathan Dayton (1)

m. 1756
  1. Gen. Jonathan Dayton1760 - 1824
  2. Hannah Dayton - abt 1799
  3. Elias Boudinet Dayton
  4. Susan Dayton
  5. John Dayton
m. 28 Mar 1779
  1. Charlotte Dayton1766 - 1802
  1. Elias Jonathan Daytonabt 1780 - 1824
  2. Susan Williamson Dayton1782 - 1804
  3. Mary Lydia Dayton
  4. Hannah Dayton
Facts and Events
Name Gen. Jonathan Dayton
Gender Male
Birth[8] 16 Oct 1760 Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey, United States
Marriage 28 Mar 1779 Connecticut Farms Presbyterian Church
to Susannah Williamson
Marriage New Jersey, United Statesto Susannah Williamson
Occupation? 1804 Senator
Occupation? Soldier. American Revolutionary War. 3rd New Jersey Regiment, Sullivan's Expedition
Occupation? Member Continental Congress
Residence[7] Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey, United States
Education[8] Princeton (township), Mercer, New Jersey, United StatesPrinceton University
Death? 9 Oct 1824 Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey, United States
Occupation? Engineer
Occupation? Lawyer

The American National Biography incorrectly reports that they had only one child. They had at least four: Elias Jonathan Dayton, Susan Williamson Dayton, Mary Lydia "Molly" Dayton, and Hannah Dayton.

In the lineage of Miss Susan Dayton Williams, b. Detroit, Michigan, Daughters of the American Revolution Member Number 123109. See also Member Number 5081, Miss Susan Dayton Biddle, of Michigan.

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  1.   Jonathan Dayton Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Pamphlet about membership., Sep 2012. Jonathan Dayton 16 Oct 1760 - 9 Oct 1824 was an American politician from the state of New Jersey. He was the youngest person to sign the United States Constitution and a member of the U. S. House of Representatives, serving as the fourth Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and later the U. S. Senate.

  2.   Guide To the Central National Soldiers’ Home For Visitors and Citizens: With Sketches of Dayton, 1891.

    The first white man's habitation upon the present site of Dayton was built in 1786, but the settlers were soon driven off by the savages. In 1795 the abandoned settlement was begun once more, by Jonathan Dayton, General Arthur St. Clair, General James Wilkinson and Colonel Israel Ludlow. They arrived here November first, 1795, nearly a century ago, and named the new city in honor of Jonathan Dayton. To induce settlement, lots were at first given away on condition of location and improvement. Only nineteen persons fulfilled these conditions, and thus the future city began.

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    From Chapter One: After General Wayne's victory on the Maumee and the treaty of Greenville, August 20, 1795, which had a decided influence on the settlement of Dayton, General Jonathan Dayton, of New Jersey, afterwards United States Senator from that State, General Arthur St. Clair, Governor of the Northwest Territory, General James Wilkinson, of Wayne's army, and Colonel Israel Ludlow, of Morris County, New Jersey, contracted with John Cleves Symmes for the purchase of the seventh and eighth ranges between the Miami rivers. .....On November 1 Israel Ludlow accompanied a surveying party to the mouth of Mad River, and on Wednesday, November 4, 1795, laid out the town, calling it Dayton in honor of Jonathan Dayton, one of the proprietors.

  4.   Why Dayton Became a Big City by Charles Sullivan, 1942. (Essay). John Cleves Symmes, for a small town was named Symmes Corner, just south of Hamilton, had bought all the land between the Great and Little Miami rivers, from the Ohio river upon the south to far above Dayton. He had interested with him, Jonathan Dayton, an engineer and signer of the constitution of the U. S. who drew the plan for the City, also three army men, Arthur St Clair, Israel Ludlow and James Wilkinson, in the settlement of this City, and it was named after Mr Dayton.

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